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Health Insurance Insurance

I Need Health Insurance Insurance “Excuse me?” I swallow hard and try to convince myself that I misheard the decimal placement. “Two-hundred ninety-five, please,” the pharmacy tech repeats. I sigh audibly, realizing the ostentatious number […]

Jun, 29 · in Blog Posts

Chemistry: A Miami Story

College Freshman Payne Thomas leaves his troubled neighborhood in Detroit to attend University of Miami on partial scholarship, assuming he has left both the neighborhood and trouble. Soon after his arrival, he discovers the financial […]

Oct, 08 · in Short Stories

How Donald Sterling Got My Friend Fired

How Donald Sterling Got My Friend Fired by G. la Belles-Lettre When rumors surfaced of former Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s shamefully insensitive phone conversation, I have to admit, I too clicked the link […]

Aug, 09

And the Art Was Forgotten

And the Art Was Forgotten By G. la Belles-Lettre A funny thing happened on our way to democratized information. We learned so much about the business of art. We learned how much artists make. We […]

Jul, 24

International Cosmopolitanism Day

International Cosmopolitanism Day by G. la Belles-Lettre Today is quietly, contemplatively my birthday. A bit too old to want things and a bit too privileged to need things, I thought about what is the best […]

May, 10

NWA: Nonetheless We Admired

NWA: Nonetheless We Admired by G. la Belles-Lettre The song “F*ck the Police” randomly came across my mind the other day. As I was singing the NWA classic to myself, I had to pause once […]

Apr, 11

The Vision

The Vision: Chapter One Emotional trauma can often lead to visual and auditory hallucinations. Follow our protagonist as he tries to makes sense of the fantastical world that now surrounds him. Is it real or […]

Feb, 03